Crusoe Cloud offers high performance without compromise.

Here are the features that make our cloud great.


Crusoe Cloud offers NVIDIA's latest generation GPUs, the A40 and A100. These machines come preloaded with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and up to 1TB of DDR5 RAM. We've also preloaded NVIDIA's CUDA drivers, container toolkit, and other common software so you can get up and running in no time.
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High performance workloads require more than just high performance compute, and whether you're training an ML model or rendering the next blockbuster movie, you'll need to store some data. Each GPU comes with 2.5TB of fast NVMe storage, so you'll be able to store the human genome or up to the second financial data for immediate processing.


Since each VM needs to communicate with the outside world, we provide a minimum of 1Gbps upload/download, with ~40ms roundtrip latency to common hyperscale data centers. Our network is quadruple resilient and optimized for low latency. Dedicated internet connections up to 100Gbps are available for an additional cost upon request.


Crusoe Cloud provides high performance at a low environmental impact. For every GPU hour you use, you're offsetting 0.5kg of CO2e, or approximately 4.4 metric tons over an entire year. The more compute you use, the more CO2e and other greenhouse gasses you offset.


Want to host your own infrastructure? Crusoe Cloud offers colocation services on the same high-performance, carbon-reducing infrastructure. Whether you're looking for the best cost or the lowest environmental impact, we'll provide both in our state of the art facilities.
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