The Planet's Favorite Cloud

We created Crusoe Cloud because the world's appetite for cloud computing will never stop growing. Powered by stranded energy, we're lowering the cost and environmental impact of cloud computing.

For innovators. By innovators.

Deep learning, 3D rendering, computer vision, genomics, and simulation are the high performance computing workloads solving the world's most complex problems. We're making it easier for innovators to do their best work. Built on infrastructure created to fundamentally lower the costs of innovation as well as its impact on the climate, Crusoe Cloud opens the door for big ideas to come to life.

All kinds of wonderful

High-performance CPUs coupled with top of the line NVIDIA GPUs, all connected by a low-latency, redundant, and robust network. We created Crusoe Cloud for developers who need powerful, reliable solutions for their most demanding workloads, and for organizations looking to make measurable progress toward their environmental goals. 

We're powering progress

Crusoe Cloud brings scalable, clean, low-cost cloud computing to the world's bravest thinkers. We power ideas with stranded energy, creating a catalyst to bring more climate aligned energy online. Improving access to computation in a way that actually improves the environment is how we're helping to drive humanity's shared progress.

Join the movement to a better cloud

Data centers consume more than 1% of the world's electricity. Because our appetite for computing and the energy required to drive progress will never stop growing, we're focused on creating the climate-aligned future of high-performance computing. We're doing more than solving a problem, we're building a better starting point for the future of the cloud.